Children’s Ministry 6-10 years from 10:00am-12:00noon during the celebrate Jesus morning service time. During the night set aside for Halloween, the children’s ministry offers “Hallelujah Night.”  It is a time of fun and games, goody bags are given to the children to discourage trick or treat. In the month of July, the children’s ministry offers VBS Vacation Bible School.  This one week activity reaches out to the children from the community, and around the city to learn more about God and to participate in games and other fun activities.

Specialized Ministry to Girls

Girls Only

-this is a program for girls 3-12, to encourage them to honor God in their lives.  Meetings are held each Wednesday night, and different activities are included in the program to promote constructive habits for girls.  The Ministry is designed to help girls see themselves through God’s eyes by answering 4 fundamental questions.
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?

Specialized Ministry to Boys

Royal Rangers
 -teaches boys how to live in the outdoor environment promoting readiness no matter what the situation or where they may find themselves.  Boys from 5 -12 attends meetings every Wednesday, and they also participate in physical activities that teaches cooperation and conflict resolution.

Outreach Ministries – Boys Mentoring Organization

The Outreach Ministry is dedicated to reaching and assisting young boys especially from the ghetto that have fathers are not present in their homes by using sports like basketball to foster friendships and offer mentorship to positively influence to them to become good men.
The Toddler Ministry – Designed for toddlers so parents can enjoy the service without distractions.  They can be at ease knowing their little ones are safe and ministered to as well.