Getting Connected!

Welcome to the place where we believe that the  "Glory is Here"!

As you enter the doors of Calvary Temple, you will sense and experience an atmosphere of freedom.  This freedom comes from the fact that our worship service is a time of celebrating the death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

You are free to come as you are.  You do not have to be dressed a certain way or even speak our language, we are open to receive you and we ask that you be open to receive from God.  Here are a few reasons you are welcome and free to join us:

1). If you are out of fellowship with God and are looking for a place to fellowship with others who have recommitted their lives to God, you will find our Discipleship Ministry ready to help.

2). You will find Friendly People with open arms to receive you with love to assist you with ease as you enter the sanctuary.

3). We have prepared special packages Welcome Pack for you to provide you with encouragement even when you leave, along with detailed information of the various ministry opportunities and times to worship and celebrate Jesus every week.

4) Exciting Worship - We offer a worship experience that is intense and energetic.   Our worship Leaders vary in age and each one offers a unique style that appeals and can be enjoyed by all.  Integrated into our music is an ethnic flavor that stems from our African Heritage with goat skin drums, whistles, and cowbells (Bahamian Instruments).

5). Dynamic, Practical, Anointed Preaching & Teaching - 
Each week the Word of God is taught and preached by our Senior Pastor Robert Lockhart that is practical, dynamic, and anointed to push you into your place of  purpose.  From time to time the ministry of the Word is also done by our youth pastor Duerre Thomas, and other Ministers of our local assembly licensed with the Assemblies of God Bahamas, and Turks & Caicos Islands.  Pastor Lockhart desires to preach the whole counsel of the Word of God so that God's people

can truly live out their faith.

These are just a few reasons you are invited to feel free and celebrate Jesus with us each week.