Youth Ministry meet every Friday 7:00pm -9:30pm

Our youth ministry is creative and NEVER boring!!!!

Youth Pastor Bruce Hyppe is dynamic and continues to provide our young people opportunities to grow in their walk with God. Every Friday is never the same.

Pastor Bruce's passion is to see young people make a positive impact at home and school and becoming the leader God intends them to be.


Youth Ministry Vision Statement

Our youth ministry exists:

to EXPOSE teenagers to God’s love,

to EQUIP them with the tools they need to EXALT God,

to EMPOWER them

EDIFY them,

so that they will FEAR God, KNOW God, TRUST God and EXPERIENCE the work of the ministry. This will result in a generation of men and women of faith being raised up. Matthew 28:19


Other Youth Programs: Drama, Choir, Dance

Pastor Bruce is married to Krystal and they have 1 son, Aaron Bruce Russell.


Pastor Bruce is available for speaking engagements and can be contacted at 242-352-7578, counselling is available as well by appointment.